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Support the Island!

Improbable Island isn't run by some faceless corporation, it's a one-man show with a single programmer and a small team of volunteer moderators. As of June 2019 when this support page was last updated, the single programmer is supporting a wife, four cats and a two-year-old girl. We're not EA, we're not Facebook, we're just... well, me.

Improbable Island runs no adverts, has no commercial sponsorship, and is entirely dependent on its players to survive. Give us money today, and you'll receieve:

* Supporter Points to spend in the Hunter's Lodge on customization and building items;
* Supply Crates dropped on the World Map in random places, ten crates for every dollar you spend;
* A boost to the Kitty Bonus, which gives all players increased Stamina at the start of each Game Day and can be amplified using Altruism-class items from the Hunter's Lodge;
* A boost to your Personal Multiplier which amplifies the Kitty and Altruism bars even further, and never runs out;
* This month's Monthly Memento if you donate $10 USD or more;
* Warm Fuzzies knowing you've done something good.

You can give us money via PayPal, or with your credit or debit card (you don't need to have a PayPal account). Donations are accepted in United States Dollars, with a one-dollar minimum donation - PayPal will convert from your local currency automatically.

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As of June 2019, we're also accepting donations through Patreon! Please note that Patreon takes a much bigger cut than PayPal, so please only use it if you don't have access to a PayPal account. Click here to go to our Patreon page.

Improbable Island was, long ago, originally based on a game engine called Legend of the Green Dragon, which was written by Eric Stevens and continued after Eric's retirement by the Dragonprime Development Team. Although little of Eric's original code remains in Improbable Island, it's still a tradition to encourage our players to chuck a few bucks Eric's way every now and then, so click here to donate to Eric's PayPal account. Note that using this link won't give you any Supporter Points.
Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Game Design and Code: Copyright © 2002-2005, Eric Stevens & JT Traub, © 2006-2007, Dragonprime Development Team, 2008-onwards © Improbable Enterprises
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