Oh dear.

Assuming you've read the MotD, you'd better start by telling me whether you think this is a problem with the game, your own character, or something else.

Public Petition: It's a problem with the game. I suppose that other people must be having the same problem too, but nobody else has reported it yet, and yes, I've checked the current list of known issues by clicking this handy link right here.
Choose this option if there's a spelling mistake, or a bug that seems to affect everyone, unless it's something that people could exploit. Everyone can see this Petition and comment on it.

Private Petition: It's a problem with my character. Something has gone weird that only seems to affect this one account. It's not you, it's me.
Choose this option if you've got a problem with your account, your character or your Place, or if it's an issue that people could exploit if they knew about it, or for anything else that other players shouldn't be able to look at. Only you, the mods and the admin will be able to see this Petition. If in doubt, use this option.

Mod Call: Call a mod to an area. Something is going on that a moderator should look at.
Choose this option if something's happening that needs moderator help to resolve or mediate, or if you're concerned that a problem could develop if left unchecked. Most situations calm down quickly if a moderator simply comes in, says "Hello" and changes the subject (it's vanishingly rare that someone gets in actual "trouble" as a result of a mod call), but we can't even do that if we don't know about the problem. Remember: prevention is better than cure. We'd much rather get a lot of mod calls that turn out to be no big deal than have situations get worse because everybody was thinking "Do I really need to call a mod here"
This is also private between you, the admin and the moderators.

I just want to talk to the admin. If you want to talk directly to Admin CavemanJoe about something private that only he can help with, you can forget this whole form thing and just email admin@improbableisland.com.