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Game Credits

Improbable Island's plot, characters, Stamina system, Item system, ScrapBots system, Races, Implants, Mounts and probably a few other things were created by Dan Hall, AKA Admin CavemanJoe.
Many monsters were written by Improbable Island's players.
Improbable Island runs on a modified version of Legend of the Green Dragon 1.1.1, DragonPrime Edition, which was created by the good folks at
The DragonPrime Edition was based on the original Legend of the Green Dragon, created by Eric Stevens and J.T. Traub as a homage to Legend of the Red Dragon by Seth Able.

Put simply, Improbable Island is a hodgepodged Frankenstein of a game, but we get by.

The source code to Legend of the Green Dragon 1.1.1 +DP is available at
The source code to the most recent version of Legend of the Green Dragon written by Stevens and Traub (upon which the DragonPrime edition is based) is available at
The source code of Improbable Island will be made available on Improbable Labs shortly - for now, it is available on request.

For more information about Improbable Island and Legend of the Green Dragon, check out the links to the left.
Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Game Design and Code: Copyright © 2002-2005, Eric Stevens & JT Traub, © 2006-2007, Dragonprime Development Team, 2008-onwards © Improbable Enterprises
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