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Petition ID 946: New food system: pan-capacity counter display is sometimes wrong.
Submitted Sat, 18 Aug 12 23:00:36 +0000

I have the default cooking pan, which has room for 10 items.

Putting in 10 bits of Half-Decent meat, the counter says I have room for 2 more items.

Put in 12, it says 0 more.

Try to cook 12, it says I can't do that.

If I put 9 in, it says I have room for another 10 or 9 (depending on if I have 0 or 1 herbs in the pan too).

If I put 8 in, it says I have room for another 8, 9 or 10 (depending on if I have 0, 1 or 2 herbs in the pan too).

No idea what's going on there. This happened when I had 32 meats, and again all the way down to 8, so it probably isn't that it can't count when your meat total is the same as the number you're putting in.

So, it seems to be
a) miscounting the 10 Half Decent Meats as 8, and
b) sometimes not realising that I've put HDMs in at all.

It's just the display which is wrong, not the actual capacity.

When: today


Screenshot available if needed.

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