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Petition ID 856: Battle effects for more than 1 monster is wrong
Submitted Thu, 12 Jul 12 13:56:24 +0000


The problem is when fighting more than 1 monster than 1 time, any effects (glory points, loss of stamina (from blows), etc) are multiplied by the number of monsters in combat. Here is a sample, using glory points as an example.

Wild Horse's Hitpoints (Level 8): 26
Wild Horse's Hitpoints (Level 8): 26
Wild Horse's Hitpoints (Level 8): 26
Wild Horse's Hitpoints (Level 8): 26
Wild Horse's Hitpoints (Level 8): 26
Wild Horse's Hitpoints (Level 8): 26
YOUR Hitpoints: 49
You aim for a vulnerable spot!
You try to hit Wild Horse but are RIPOSTED for 2 points of damage!
Wild Horse hits you for 3 points of damage!
You earn 1,049 Glory Points this round!
Strong Attack coming up! Wild Horse will perform a powerful attack in the next round. Target the attacking body part to try to block the attack, or take advantage of its other vulnerable areas!
You earn 1,063 Glory Points this round!
You earn 1,076 Glory Points this round!
You earn 1,090 Glory Points this round!
You earn 1,104 Glory Points this round!
You earn 1,118 Glory Points this round!

Notice, I earned glory points for each monster in combat, effectively multiplying my glory points earned by 6. Now, this seems not to be much of a problem, because the players are rewarded. But when an enemy does a really strong attack, one that takes stamina away, it is also multiplied by 6. Furthermore, the exp and req. gained by defeating a heard of monsters is vastly diffrent. In the Wild horse example, "You receive 26 total experience!" showed up, enough for only 1 horse. But the req was enough to cover all of them: "266 shiny Requisition tokens are dispensed from the nearest camera!"


You need to fight a battle where there is more than 1 monster, and do one of the following: win, take a hit powerful enough to knock out stamina, take a hit and gain glory points.


Anywhere there is a multi-monster battle. Example: (This was the battle of the wild horses.)


Ever since I was high enough level to fight a battle with 2 or more monsters.

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