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Petition ID 814: Clan halls: "custom talk line" doesn't work
Submitted Sat, 23 Jun 12 23:05:04 +0000

WHAT: In the clan halls, where you set your description and MoTD, there's a box for "Custom Talk Line (blank means "says" -- 15 chars max)". It doesn't actually affect my posting. It does it exactly as normal, like

Buddleia says "this is supposed to start with scrawls a message, but it doesn't."

even when I have set it to something else.

HOW: Be founder/leader/officer in a clan so that you can change your Custom Talk Line.
Try setting it to something - click Save.
Then go to your clan hall and post something (just chat, without emoting).
Observe the lack of customisation instead of "
charactername says".


WHEN: Noticed it a few weeks ago, confirmed today. Could this be from the big chat system update all those months ago?

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