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Petition ID 770: Reappearance of " ` Watcher " - DK screen - petition 287 is back
Submitted Sun, 10 Jun 12 23:07:36 +0000

I've just killed the Drive. On the screen where you chose your race, what should be " The Watcher " has turned into " ` Watcher ", again/still. So there's a " $The " missing, like in petition 287 - but in just one place:

` Watcher smiles. "Oh, they must have drugged you up something awful, poor thing."

(Note: this previews as if there's no stray accent, but I've copy-and-pasted it just as it displays in the game. In case this bug report comes out looking weird, here's a substitute with apostrophes instead of the accents I mean: " ' Watcher " should be " '$The Watcher ".)

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