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Petition ID 652: Weightless Wood in Lodge Bag goes to Places when regular logs are given to a place.
Submitted Fri, 06 Apr 12 04:00:32 +0000

My weightless wood (WW) that I had tucked safely in my lodge bag wound up in my place inventory (place - 2 klicks south of PV, untitled, second plot) when I added regular logs to the Place Inventory.

WHAT in detail:

1. I was logging to stockpile wood knowing I would need a very large amount to make the place that I had in mind. I was also planning on giving the WW to a different, less accessible location since this character's spot is on a jungle square.
2. After getting a sizeable amount of normal logs (with a builder's brew), I entered the empty plot and clicked "Give All" on the regular logs in my pack once I was in the Donate Supplies menu.
3. Thinking that the WW was still in my lodge back since I specifically only clicked on the regular logs, I started some carpentry, 100 turns then 60 turns for two rooms.
4. Checked the place inventory and was surprised to find the WW was in the inventory when I didn't click on it at all for it to be there. (I had only clicked "Give All" for the normal logs in my pack.) I was even more surprised that it took the WW logs first, so now there are only 1340 left and over 1000 normal logs.
5. Clicked "Take All" for JUST the WW from Place Inventory.
6. Checked my character's inventory, and interestingly, the WW is back in the lodge bag, but the normal logs also jumped back into my pack.
7. Tried a few times to "Give All" or "Take All" for either kind of wood and they both jump in and out of the Place Inventory.

I'm alerting of you of this to determine whether this is normal or a bug. It would be alarming for someone who has opened their bundle, decided to log to help a friend out and then found their WW also diving into that friend's inventory without their knowledge.

Have Creator bundle opened and WW in Lodge Bag
Grab Carpentry Kit
Log for regular wood
Go inside Place
Hit Donate Items
Hit "Give All" on the regular logs in your pack
Check and see if the WW in the lodge bag end up in the place inventory along with the regular logs.
Try to hit "Take All" on WW.
Check character inventory to see if both WW and regular logs both show up again (WW in lodge bag, regular logs in pack)


When: 4/15/2012 approximately 22:00.

Thank you so much!

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