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Petition ID 594: If a clan applicant withdraws their application, it makes the first Distraction vanish.
Submitted Wed, 21 Mar 12 01:47:21 +0000

WHAT: According to my emails, someone applied to join my clan.
According to my Distractions, this never happened.

Should that have happened? Shouldn't there have been a new one to say "X has withdrawn their application", like you get when someone resigns their membership, rather than removing the original application message? I was offline at the time and if I hadn't been checking my emails and looked in the Distractions folder I would never have known!

1. Be someone in a clan, with applicant-approving rank (Founder, Leader, Officer).
2. Have someone apply.
3. Check your Distractions.
4. Do NOT approve their application! Have them withdraw it.
5. Check your Distractions again.


WHEN: first spotted today. Message was 15th March. This might be an "ever since ever" thing.

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