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Petition ID 5770: Request for Place Program Copy/Paste capability
Submitted Tue, 12 Mar 24 13:15:38 +0000

The situation:
I have a Place Program at The Cat & Fiddle (R12) that needs to be 40 to 50 rows long: a decision tree (more a vine) for scoring dart throws. I built a proof-of-concept that uses only four rows, with a Roll-to-Thought that checks against various values and sets a Memory, so I know it works. The completed program cluster would need six of these grids to keep track of six dart throws. Each grid would be built on the same decision tree, but would roll a different Thought (and ideally cause different pages to be displayed).

The want/need:
It would be a tremendous time- and effort-saver if I could somehow duplicate the first long grid then tweak the duplicates to apply to different Thoughts/dart-throws.

The Duplicator would have to keep track of all the C&Cs, grids, and rows used so their cost could be accounted for in terms of Supporter Points. The goal is to remove drudgery, not to get something for nothing.

Thanks for the encouragement!


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