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Petition ID 5746: Corporal Punishment messages rookies slightly out of order
Submitted Sun, 28 Jan 24 12:56:07 +0000

Corporal Punishment seems to be sending some Rookies the "A MOMENT of your TIME if you PLEASE." message as soon as they hit the level requirement, but regardless of if they've finished fetching exhibits for Mr. Stern. This means Punishment can hand them a letter they cannot actually deliver, with no clear reason for why they can't deliver it.

Fortunately the issue resolves itself once the account completes the exhibits, but in the short run it might be confusing.

In addition, Corporal Punishment sometimes sends the above message twice in quick succession. (This happened to me on Lucky Contestant. I'm wondering if it pops once for having completed the level requirement, and then pops again for having finished the exhibits?)

Unfortunately I don't know the exact specifications for the glitch. All I know is the rookie I spoke with had met Mr. Stern when the letter arrived, but hadn't finished the exhibits.

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