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Petition ID 5728: Mementoes don't seem to work.
Submitted Sat, 23 Dec 23 22:25:51 +0000

Problem first seems to show up in a Player's place - Na's Nook at (Q,11) belonging to SmilingAudibly - where I was helping out with some programming. She's built a little program that should give you a memento once you solve a little puzzle.

I've sorted out a few bugs and now it really should work but doesn't. The debugger tells me that the 'Give Memento' C&C fires but can't find any of the mementos in the Building Inventory. This is bollocks. They're there, I've checked.

OK, maybe I'm being stupid somehow so I decide to try something out in one of my own places. However it turns out that all my characters' memento moulds seem to have disappeared.

Has something happened to mementoes during the crossover? As far as I can tell it seems to be Ms that have carried over rather than been newly created.

Hairy Mary

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