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Petition ID 5719: Rally only gives 3 cigs, not entrance fee plus jackpot
Submitted Thu, 30 Nov 23 02:49:05 +0000

There's still the rally issue of it giving out the prize twice and that's a different petition. But I haven't done the rally for a few weeks and today when I did it it said jackpot of 23 when I was signed up but it only gave me three (twice, so 6 total, but again the double is separate, it used to be giving me 23 twice a few weeks ago)

When: it didn't happen a few weeks ago, but did happen when I did the rally tonight, November 29, 2023.

Sign up fee was 4, once signed up it said jackpot of 23, and when I won it gave me 3 cigs. I checked my cig amount and it did just alter by 3

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