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Petition ID 5700: Feature request: 100 rounds option for Green titans
Submitted Thu, 19 Oct 23 15:58:08 +0000

Green titans are designed to be a group effort and just a lot of attacks. But they get so boring even with a group that people avoid them because it's just too much time. I'd like the ability to click to do more than 10 indiscriminate flailing at a time. Ideally 100 at a time. You can still watch your stamina, it just makes it something easier to get people in a group to help out with, everyone putting in their stamina. Just because it heals so much, there are ways to min max to do more damage at a time but most people can do about 1000 damage every 10 indiscriminate flailing, regardless of their stats. It's an equalizer, but pressing to attack 2000+ times over a group is just a ridiculous slog. Maybe 100 at a time is a bit much, but even 25 at a time would be better than the current

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