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Petition ID 5695: Hall of Fame weirdness
Submitted Sun, 15 Oct 23 18:39:19 +0000

Forwarding this from Tased and Tamar, who first noticed the problem.

Some players (including at least one non-mod) seem to have vanished from the Hall of Fame. (Except... when I, Csodas, looked at the Underground Travel HoF ranking, as mentioned, I see myself in #2, whereas Tased looks at it and I am missing.)

As Tased puts it, what they have been able to confirm is:

1. You [Csodas] are missing from Down Below hof.
2. Omega is missing from Nightmare hof, confirmed by TaMar. Previously hold #2 between TaMar and Szara.
3. Columbus is missing from RookTrader hof, confirmed by a screenshot. Previously hold #7.

Here's the screenshoot taken earlier this year for Rook Trader hof:

Starcaller Columbus used to hold #7 Rank. WindRapier checked the Drive Kills hof and she was missing there too. It's like she never existed as far as the hof is concerned.

Also you mentioned you hold #2 Underground Travel? I checked and apparently #2 Underground Travel is TaMar?

Probably dates to the server move, but it's hard to say - Tased thinks it's related, anyway.

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