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Petition ID 5654: Issue with locking place doors after passing through them
Submitted Sun, 16 Jul 23 18:19:12 +0000

What: Locking a door that I've just passed through in a place if I am anything but the master key holder or a skeleton keyholder for the place is resulting in my getting booted out through the door I just locked. If I progress further into another room then have a character lock the original door, I can go back into the room I was in with no issue, but if I go into a room and either lock the door myself or have another character lock it, I get booted back through the door.
How: See above, I was able to repeatedly reproduce it by having a character go through a door in my den and locking it with another character, which would cause them to get kicked back through it on a refresh
Where: Every room I tested it in, an easy example was the foyer when traveling from outside the den simply enter the foyer from outside when not the master key holder, and have someone lock the door
It was also happening if I tried to pass through a door I only had a regular key for which was already locked, a video of that here
When: I first noticed it several days ago on the 12th of July

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