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Petition ID 5626: Why does chat want to dox me?
Submitted Sun, 23 Apr 23 02:07:56 +0000

What: On Android Mobile, using chat brings up the security box to quickly copy over your password or credit card information. The OS is OxygenOS 13.0 if it matters.

How: Use any chat. Write a subject in a distraction. Go to character customization and try to add an external link, credit an artist for an avatar, or customize armour, colours, mount, title, or weapon. Under new job menu in places, change the name of a room, page, or external description.

I think it might just be any textbox with auto-fill options that are under a certain character limit. Chrome saves all titles and subject lines and used to think those were also my username and password. I'm not sure what fixed that or when, but maybe it's the same thing?

Where: Screenshot of using chat:

I don't know if it's the same on Apple products, so just in case: the key brings up any saved passwords which thankfully doesn't apply here because those are single click. The card brings up any saved payment methods on my phone, though it does require that I input the expiration date so it's not too much of a risk. The map icon brings up my full name, address, and phone number and those are all one click to add. It wouldn't be too easy to accidentally post personal information under most circumstances, but it also wouldn't be too hard if a kid picked up a phone or someone wasn't paying attention or was under the influence or just put their phone in their pocket without locking it.

When: It started with the big chat update a couple of weeks ago.

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