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Petition ID 5615: Attacked by Mutant and Magpie with no tattoos or jewelry.
Submitted Sun, 02 Apr 23 01:34:50 +0000

This happened to me twice in (fairly) quick succession. I don't have tattoos or jewelry, but I got attacked by both the tattoo mutant and the mighty magpie while looking for jungle fights (and of course lol got owned by them because I'm on a rank 7 DK)

I'm not sure why the problem's happening, but I have a suspicion - I happened to have TaMar's character page open in another tab ( and of course they've got ALL the jewlery and tattoos. I'm wondering if something from someone else's character page is leaking into whatever it is that causes those monsters to pop up.

Unfortunately, I don't have a URL to give for this one - I didn't think to grab it at the time.

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