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Petition ID 5601: Incorrect Place Code Affecting Global Banter
Submitted Fri, 10 Feb 23 21:07:08 +0000

E,16 A Giant-Ass Pillow Fort apparently has an unclosed italics tag on a
page in the first room, The Proving Grounds that affects Global Banter. When I clicked on the page "The Pillow dummy", my Global Banter view was immediately italicized. I thought it was just me until I posted in Global Banter and others began commenting on it. When I tried posting again, it began adding my rollover text as though I was the one with the unclosed tag. All of my tags are closed, though. I left the place and went into another, and once the initial italicized posts rolled off Global Banter restored itself to its normal appearance. This happened around 2:35pm CST. I'm sending screenshots of Global to the Island admin email address along with this ticket number for reference. This is the URL of the room the page is in -

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