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Petition ID 5597: Map of level four down under went crazy broken
Submitted Fri, 03 Feb 23 05:39:42 +0000

The problem occurred roughly after 6:00 pm CST 2/2, today.

I was running from New Home and going down under using the powerups from
drinks available from each outpost. Mostly for the experience points and to
see how far I can get my character each run. I was also revealing the
Entirety of each level's map. I had gone from level 1, through levels 2 and
3, and was progressing through level 4.

There seemed to be about 5 columns on level 4 at the start of my revealing the
map. This map seemed to have had at least 10 to 12 rows. One of the foebots
revealed the possibility of an additional column and I was approaching one of
The two entrances per se to this new column which ran to height of the map.
The other entrance/exit from this column was almost halfway up from the
Bottom. I had either just reached this entrance or just about reached this
when the map glitched from the previous configuration named above and now
seems to be approximately 9 columns with 9 rows extending from the left of
the screen 5 spaces with the rest of the rows occupying 8 rows of four spaces
extending from the right side of the map.

In addition, the movement after the map glitched was not in a straight line but was represented in
what seemed to be random diagonal movements that were disjointed and non congruent.

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