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Petition ID 5553: Suggestion for October Monthly Memento!
Submitted Sun, 24 Jul 22 21:02:20 +0000

Banter has came up with a cute idea for a potentional monthly memento! We got to talking about macaroons and how delicious they were, and entertained the idea of it being a island item, which lead to the idea of making it a memento! Specifically for Halloween since they can be done up like little pumpkins or other fall colors.

The idea was that it would be similar to how eating a cookie is when it gives a buff, but considering how powerful cookies are that might be a bit overpowered. So we thought perhaps it could be a case where it gives a fraction of the usual buff a cookie grants, but only for a certain number of rounds before running out. After all as good as macaroons are, they are pretty tiny. Great for carrying around a bag full of them for your character to munch so they don't run out, but their size has it where you can't get as intense as a buff if you ate a regular cookie.

We all thought it could be a fun idea! Because who in the world doesn't like macaroons?

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