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Petition ID 5346: Weird chat input error
Submitted Sun, 29 Nov 20 23:25:54 +0000

Okay, so here is the chat line I was attempting to input: ": feeds the fire another twig, watching it turn to ash like a cigarette as she pushes it forward. "`5doteN.`&" Over her shoulder, she can hear the retraining personnel begin to enter the forest. "` evom dluohs ew sseug I`&"" Something about "`" triggered an html code and it kept trying to post as one, which then broke the rest of the page. I was able to get rid of it by going north one map square and gremming the comment, but I suspect the issue is still there if you can see the chatlog. It's at (3,28) on the map. Nothing urgent, just... a new way to break the game, I guess!

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