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Petition ID 5064: Winning Rook Trader Email
Submitted Mon, 21 Jan 19 20:43:34 +0000

WHAT: the email sent out when you've won Rook Trader for that day has (1) a typo with the apostrophe (It says "You've won today\'s Rook Trader!" in the subject line) and (2) has references to LoGD ("You have received new mail on LoGD at http:///var/www/", "From: The Green Dragon", "If you wish to respond, log into Legend of the Green Dragon at http:///var/www/ .", and "You may turn off these alerts in your preferences page, available from the village square."). HOW: have email subscriptions on and win Rook Trader. WHEN: I've only won recently, but it's happened for all my times winning Rook Trader in the past couple of days (starting Jan 19, 11pm EST)

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