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Petition ID 5045: Great Stinking Wadges of Supply Crates???
Submitted Thu, 06 Dec 18 00:59:47 +0000

Approx 7:15 pm EST USA
Outside of Kittania, Squat Hole, and Ace High.
I was on the game when end of day hit. When I came back on and started hunting supply crates-and I found 32 crates on one spot, then 26, then I moved to squat hole, and found 26 and 22, moved up to Ace High and another 30 crates. I hate to even mention this-but it's just too easy with this many crates so easy to find-y'know? Never seen this before. Thought I should check...and that $80k I deposited today in my bank account was from my pension, so don't even ask!

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