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Petition ID 4993: Unexpected behavior in DownBelow badnavs
Submitted Sun, 07 Oct 18 07:53:12 +0000

While DB, I badnaved to the magenta screen while trying to move in the maze. Clicking on one of the commentary links provided resolved the badnav, but I thought I would petition due to the error message:

A redirect has failed. Click here to continue.

If the above link doesn't work, or just brings you back here, please notify the staff via this link and tell them what you were doing just before this happened. Also copy and paste everything that appears below this message. Thanks!

Attempted redirect: "runmodule.php?module=places&op=room&placeid=68&roomid=1502"
Sanitized attempted redirect: "runmodule.php?module=places&op=room&placeid=68&roomid=1502"
Redirect reason: "";

This seems odd, since I wasn't in a place. It happened once more during this DB session, although I can't say whether the room and place id numbers were the same. It's probably only been going on since the new system with the magenta badnav screens was introduced? The URL is the standard /badnav URL, which doesn't seem so helpful here.

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