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Petition ID 484: Visual errors in the quest_rohit_2 module.
Submitted Mon, 06 Feb 12 07:10:50 +0000

Some color oddities I have encountered while experiencing the enjoyable encounter with Rohit, the Robot:

1) After the first scene, /talkcol does not affect your in-map color, while it does in the first.

2)This part of the first scene has the same color, even though it should not be: "Here is my first idea." Something inside Rohit's chest makes an audible click, and his voice rises an octave. You suppose it could be to indicate excitement. "The human body is designed primarily for two things. The first is moving the brain around so that it can find food by which to sustain itself. The second is producing more humans. Therefore, locomotion and intercourse are very important to organics."

Other than that, my eyes did not catch anything.

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