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Petition ID 4801: Accessibility Fixes for Visually-Impaired Players
Submitted Sat, 28 Apr 18 14:58:52 +0000

These are some of the suggestions for accessibility fixes I collected from Fodilliklomp and Yog-Sothoth in banter (I also asked Fodilliklomp to Distract me the points for collation into a petition, which they have done, and there may be more coming in a comment). These seem to be organized in ascending fiddliness:

1) In addition to the text-based terrain information from the map, which can be toggled for visually-impaired players, players request that 'Current Square' also include the numerical coordinates of the player's current location.

2) In accessibility skins, consider adding an option that retains the section headings, since some players use these to quick-navigate to various areas of the screen: Fodilliklomp cites the following examples: "NPC dialog (example the basic training), the list of chats, fight text, player vitals, buy and sell confirmation, the text compass on the map, and really pretty much everything else honestly..."

3) Hotkeys for certain frequently-used inventory items and other link features. Fodilliklomp cites the following examples: "things like distractions, MOTD, chat previous, next, and refresh, and butchering a rabbit. Medkit, ration pack, pan and grenade shortcuts in the inventory would be much appreciated as well, or at least ones for quickly skipping to a specific container..." This may be non-trivial considering the interactions with display (I'm thinking of the display confirmation for rabbit-butchering), but it's good to get the idea up here, anyway.

More may be coming, and if other players wish to chip in I will encourage them to update this petition item.


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