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Petition ID 4777: Down Below: NewDay put me outside of the map instead of up
Submitted Tue, 03 Apr 18 09:35:59 +0000

See screenshot. Last night I dropped dead and waited for NewDay to pop me out, from lvl 13 back to Kittania. Today I found myself beyond the boundaries of the map. Alive and able to live through the monster fight that happened next.

My theory is that the walls of the map shifted at NewDay, the new map being smaller vertically, so the algorithm put me in a place outside the map.

This might be the cause for problem ID 4378: Extra lines, dead body. (For all I remember, the dead bodies always show up South of the map.)

PS: Attempt to move brought a regular rumbling message about shifting walls. Another shift of walls, or the game catching up with its own mistakes?

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