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Petition ID 4629: Cooking does not gain stamina
Submitted Sun, 24 Dec 17 11:32:12 +0000

I'm guessing this is just a temporary glitch, but I'll report it just in case. (Last time I encountered this was at the server move, I think.)

What: cook meat, get the error below, when the page reloads again the Stamina is back to the level it was before cooking, but the meat is gone.
When: about 10 minutes ago
Where: Inventory, context = town (sorry, I forgot to get the link)

PHP Warning: "Error while sending QUERY packet. PID=1641"
in /var/www/ at 19.
Call Stack:
2: mysqli_query(mysqli, "INSERT INTO free_module_u...") called from /var/www/ on line 19
3: db_query("INSERT INTO free_module_u...") called from /var/www/ on line 854
4: write_module_prefs() called from /var/www/ on line 92
5: saveuser() called from /var/www/ on line 507
6: page_footer() called from /var/www/ on line 473

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