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Petition ID 4557: Titles in Distracts are not properly sanitized and break sprintf() in certain situations.
Submitted Sat, 14 Oct 17 04:37:02 +0000

Just going to paste the call stack for this one, it seems mostly self-explanatory:

PHP Warning: "sprintf(): Too few arguments"
in /var/www/ at 98.
Call Stack:
2: sprintf("Original Message from 100...") called from on line
3: call_user_func_array("sprintf", Array(

0=>"Original Message from 100..."

)) called from /var/www/ on line 98
4: sprintf_translate(Array(

0=>"Original Message from %s ...", 1=>"100% Hanna", 2=>"2017-10-13 19:59:12"

)) called from /var/www/ on line 246
5: mail_write_message("3221532") called from /var/www/ on line 44

In this case I'm pretty sure that Hanna's 100% title being parsed by sprintf() causing two errors: One, "% " is not a valid flag, and two, even if that does succeed it's not gonna have an input for that marker (well, for the final marker, but same idea).

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