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Petition ID 4540: DB Rescue Leads to Failboat if Player is Logged Out
Submitted Sat, 30 Sep 17 03:37:32 +0000

I am not sure if this is related to petition #4198 -- it might be but it doesn't seem likely.

Basically, I have noticed that rescues work differently depending on whether the Player is logged in, watching the rescue, or not. If the Player is logged in while being carried out, they are able to see their rescuer moving around the maze until the Outpost exit, and then it says You have been rescued! and I think you are simply put out into the relevant Outpost. Yay!

However, if the Player is logged in and then closes the screen, or is rescued while offline and then logs in later, they seem to be shunted to the Failboat, as if a Newday had ejected them (with the text Escape to the blessed Failboat!) This seems odd, since the rescuer is given the usual 'for your selflessness, you have both been healed for free!' text. Is this behavior intentional?

How: Rescue a KO'ed player from Down Below while other player is logged out for sure; possibly also when rescuing a player who has closed II but has not yet timed out.

Where: DB. Since the problem is not on my (the rescuer's) side, I did not think to preserve a URL, I am afraid.

When: For at least several months? If this is the way DB rescues are supposed to work, that's fine, I just wanted to make sure this was an expected behavior.

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