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Petition ID 451: No experience from level 17 monsters in a breach.
Submitted Mon, 23 Jan 12 01:40:20 +0000

When fighting in a breach, I've found that when I fight monsters that are level 17, (The times I've noticed) I don't get any experience from killing them. The kill text from the last one:
End of Round:
Something Dangerous, Elite, Malignant, Malevolent's Hitpoints (Level 17): DEFEATED
YOUR Hitpoints: 132
You receive 0 experience!
This is not the only character I've had this happen to, which is what makes me suspect that it's not just a problem I'm having.
I'm not entirely sure as to the amount of time it's been going on, as I'm fairly sure I wasn't aware how to report it as a problem the first time.

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