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Petition ID 4387: Puzzle combat with three french hens
Submitted Sun, 11 Jun 17 19:27:59 +0000

Something odd just happened.

I entered combat with Three French Hens, in the Jungle just outside Improbable Central. All was well. I hit the first French Hen in its vulnerable spots (puzzle combatting away) until I K.O.'d it. All well and good.

But then the Puzzle Combat section was missing for the next hen; all I could do to it was flail indiscriminately (which I did, for one round). The Puzzle Combat section immediately reappeared, and I puzzle combatted away until the second French Hen was down.

Then the same thing happened - in my first round of attacking the third Hen, I could not use Puzzle Combat and had to fight by Indiscriminate Flailing.

I do not know when the problem began; I have only noticed it once so far.

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