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Petition ID 4320: Ok, now im sure there is a lodge problem.
Submitted Mon, 08 May 17 23:49:04 +0000

Bought some cookies, 5, today. Used the last of my supporter points, checked my inventory and had 3 cookies and 2 new builders brew. Ive noticed small discrepancys, like vanishing items, (halloween candy multi bags), but was not 100 % sure as it happened over a few days and I had a lot of them. Then a couple of days ago I noticed the last 2 bags had disappeared, but again I thought 'Oh well'. The Cookies however this time has happened instantly.
Im sorry to seem like a bother to you, but to be honest its starting to piss me off. I love improbable island, its quirky, player orientated and accessable, its why ive regularly donated. I know code can be funny but its making it difficult to get anywhere, as the items i had planned to use, no longer are in my inv.
.. Sorry for the wall of text.

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