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Petition ID 425: Carcass Cleaning flavor text does not cater for Robots.
Submitted Thu, 12 Jan 12 18:59:06 +0000

As soon as a Robot decides to clean carcasses. Say, to sell them and earn a bit of money, or give them to friends who will surely view them as a great boon and favor, the flavor text would specify that you get hungry from cleaning the carcass:
"You spend a few minutes up to your elbows in gore, and getting rather hungry."

As Robots can't eat, it's probably safe to believe that they don't get hungry.

Of course, this is in the meatsystem module, and this bug can be replicated by killing any creature with a sizable amount of edible flesh as a Robot, and then cleaning it. The problem was around since man discovered fire, if not before.

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