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Petition ID 4220: UI issue / easy trouble becomes serious trouble
Submitted Tue, 28 Feb 17 07:46:47 +0000

Hello, a newb here speaking. That is en-ou-ou-beeee.

Was playing an my dumb smartphone and was really immensed in the role playing. Trying to protect Jill-the-NPC-noob, probably more caringly than most newbs would.
And then, because the cheap smart-ass phone has a cheap touch screen, I ended up fumbling and clicking the "Look for a difficult fight" button instead of the "Look for an easy fight". A zombie came up, I managed to escape.
Some amount of fights later, when Jill had 58 out of 110 required money-thingsies, I fumbled again. It was a dwarf. I tried escaping, I tried escaping, I tried escaping. To no avail. I used all my free grenades - the one zap, the one bang and the one whapoomzoomfwhooosh-fire-thingy. And then, two rounds later, I was K.O.

Dunno. Maybe it's not a bad thing for the game - I am hoping to see Jill again, although they are not on the ship, at least...
But it's a bad thing for the N00b. I lost a fight not because of stupidity, but because my phone has a bad screen. I concentrated on clicking the "Easy fight" button, but got in an impossible one anyway. That really broke the fourth wall and gave me a very annoyed feeling on my first hour of playing this game. Not good.

Some suggestions for how this could be avoided:
1) Rearrange the buttons to be Easy - Normal - Difficult instead of Normal - Easy - Difficult. That way, if a touch-screen user fumbles they will choose "Normal" instead of "Difficult". They are more likely to survive that and still learn a lesson (the lesson being, don't do fights using a smartphone if you must not lose a fight!)
2) Increase spacing between the buttons (maybe this could be an option in the preferences?)
3) 1+2 combined
5) Ask for confirmation before letting the level 2 noob with level 1 Jill attack a seriously dangerous monster when on mobile version of the site.
4) Always allow escape from Difficult Monsters if Jill hasn't accumulated the first 110 money yet. If in doubt, only allow escape if it's done as the first move after the beginning of the fight, showing that entering the fight was indeed likely to result through a fumble. This can be either a quiet thing or the monster can "give mercy to the fumbling Jill who clearly accidentally ended up in a battle too difficult for them. Be more careful next time."

This is an UI issue and even though I can role-playing-explain this in my head, it still is in reality a game-external reason for Bad Stuff happening.

I think I will be able to buy new grenades and imagine they are the original gift grenades, but that will take some annoying extra grinding. Also, I really hope Jill won't be terminally upset because of me having had them knocked out... :'(

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