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Petition ID 4198: Rescue / Not Rescued DB
Submitted Sat, 11 Feb 17 13:23:59 +0000

I got KO'ed on Level 5 down below. Then Will Morris was nice enough to come get me (while I was... not formally logged out, but had closed the browser window), and Distracted me to let me know I was out. Except, when I hit the 'Refresh', expecting to get the 'You have been rescued! Improbable Central ahoy!' screen, I... was popped back into combat with some Foebots, but with my health restored.

I beat the Foebots, and appear to be at liberty to move around. So the rescue obviously had some effect (restoring me to full health), but doesn't seem to have popped me into the Outpost correctly.

( is sadly a few fight-moves removed from how I entered the game.

I seem to recall, dimly, an issue where if your character simply closes the window (i.e. is not logged out, but not actively on the Island) and gets rescued, you get dumped back into the middle of a fight, but then are promptly beaten and sent to the Failboat (instead of an Outpost). Perhaps it's the not formally logging out that is causing the unexpected behaviors? Regardless, this is the first time I've won. I'll try to find an exit and see if I can actually leave.


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