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Petition ID 4185: New Outpost System - Kittania's Legacy Chat
Submitted Thu, 02 Feb 17 09:48:15 +0000

The 3x3 grid in the center of the Dimensionaly Shifted Outpost should connect to the normal Legacy Story channel, and it does, but it seems broken a bit.
List of things I've noticed:
- Everyone but the account accessing the chat is listed as orange or red.
- Posts do not auto-update as they should.
- Auto-update is still active, however, seeing as the timestamps keep ticking ahead
- In order to see all visible comments, one has to post a comment themself.
- Comments take a while to even show up in the Legacy Story.

Local Story chats for squares outside the 3x3 grid seem to work fine.
As well, NewHome's 3x3 grid seems to work as intended.
I don't know if these are due to something particularly going wrong in Story chat, or if it's been bad this whole time and no one has noticed until now.

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