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Petition ID 3993: Chronospheres don't always refill.
Submitted Fri, 16 Sep 16 11:36:09 +0000

I didn't log in for ~4 days, and when I came back both chronospheres were empty, even after refreshing the page. I played for a while and then logged off overnight, and when I logged back in in the morning, one chronosphere was filled. I can't find anything about how often they should be filled. Am I doing something wrong by logging off/not logging off when I close the window? I'd like to buy more chronospheres, but I'm not sure when they would be refilled.

I'm not sure exactly when it started since I only started playing about a week ago, but I first left about 5 days ago, and then logged in yesterday and again this morning.


(any new day screen)

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