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Petition ID 398: Glory Points not added to total on double KO
Submitted Fri, 30 Dec 11 01:17:20 +0000

WHAT: When fighting monsters, if the end result is a double KO (your character retains one HP and is not sent to the Failboat), the standard message awarding Glory Points appears ("You've earned X Glory Points this round!") but they are not added to the daily total.
HOW: Use a Lightning Suit and any high-damage weapon.
WHERE: Jungle and traveling.
WHEN: I only just noticed on a day with a serious negative Joker defense buff on a Bastard Rank--nearly every fight was a mutual KO and I was supposedly earning up to 100,000 Glory Points each time, but when my total showed a couple fights later, it was 36,000 or so--what I'd gotten from the few non-mutual KO fights I'd had that day. It's probably been going on since Glory Points started.

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