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Petition ID 3924: Please enable colored text on the Wiki of Lies
Submitted Sun, 17 Jul 16 17:07:56 +0000

[Side note: there are so many broken things in and around the Enquirer, but I am loath to report them because they would take away from CMJ's valuable game-improvement time. But perhaps a mod could be given the assignment of tweaking the Enquirer's software, and I could bother them? I would also accept this position myself, because it would vindicate the truly embarrassing number of edits I have made to the wiki.] uses pictures to show the colors that the text is supposed to be. It would be better if it could use color markup. There are multiple ways to make the wiki be able to use colored text, including two plugins, but I think the best one would be to enable html. This will allow for easy pasting of exported chat. I think you should be able to avoid xss attacks by putting "<script" on the blacklist. (While you're there, can you take everything else off the blacklist? It's annoying.)

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