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Petition ID 3884: Double Hunters Lodge items
Submitted Mon, 27 Jun 16 09:37:49 +0000

Just today I noticed that the item list in the Hunters Lodge seems to have some sort of mistake. This is the page I was on when noticing it: When entering the Hunters Lodge, there are to lines of items. The right column that has the image and the discription, which seem to be alright. The left column with just the name, shortkey and price seems to have a couple of double items in it though. I didn't check for all items, but in the following link it shows that at least the logic grid and the extra row and column are in it 2 times. I've asked in banter and at least 2 others mentioned to also see it. Doesn't seem like a harmfull problem, but it doesn't look like it's supposed to be that way either.

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