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Petition ID 3870: Really Slow Connection from Netherlands
Submitted Sat, 18 Jun 16 08:29:14 +0000

I was bored and so I decided to do some dickery with some sites and VPNs. I noticed that on 4 separate occasions, any one of my VPNs that had the Netherlands in the chain caused my connection to the Island to be almost unusable and unstable. In the final case, I had connected to two Netherlands VPNs at once (My chains usually consist of 3 VPNs and show no ill effects) and connection to the island was too bad to type in chat or view chat in general.

I'd suggest an investigation into this, though it might not be serious and just a fault of my VPNs, though I did use different connections in these tests and they were conducted over a 2 week period. My latest test, and the worst case so far, was conducted at time of submission, about 30 minutes ago.

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