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Petition ID 3372: Nausea/Hunger Bar Glitch?
Submitted Wed, 18 Nov 15 23:07:54 +0000

This might be a bit similar to Petition 1996, because I've been ramming through a couple DKs today and I just noticed something. I had some Unreps. I replicated the issue because it happened twice, but it seems like after I either fought a bunch, or had enough to boot me into Nausea instead of Hunger, once the Nausea Bar became black, it never switched to Hunger in the yellow, just stayed black. I had another Unrep and I'm at half-red, and now it doesn't go down. The best guess I have is that I was doing a whole lot of leveling all at once or a whole lot of fights and I filled my quota for adjusting the bar or something? Either way, I have no idea what's setting it off other than a bunch of adjustment from fighting and eating. Thank you!

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