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Petition ID 3360: My Candy Buffs Nooo
Submitted Sun, 15 Nov 15 11:12:53 +0000

This problem is about losing Halloween Candy buffs when sent to the Failboat.

I tested several cases of this. In every case I start out with some candy buffs and a terrible headache on the Failboat.

Case 1: I go on the failboat, head below decks, I fight for my freedom, I approach the watcher and I get back in the game. The candy buffs remains.
Case 2: I go on the failboat, head below decks, New Day catches me there, and oh noes, my candy buffs are gone! All!
Case 3: I go on the failboat, don't go below decks, use up a chronosphere for New Day, and I have my candy buffs! Yus!
Case 4: I go on the failboat, head below decks, come up from the decks, use a chronosphere, and again, candy buff is lost and I have to eat ice cream to be happy again.

Whenever I get on the failboat, I visibly have all my buffs. When I head below decks, they are removed, and although a proper restoration gets them back. They also remain on a normal new day.

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