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Petition ID 3268: Duplicate bodies Down Below
Submitted Thu, 15 Oct 15 18:37:17 +0000

I am so sorry I do not have a URL for this. Or specific names.

Basically, this is what happened. I went Down Below and saw, on Level 4, two contestant bodies (Contestants A and B. I already 'knew' the Level 4 map - it hasn't changed for me for a couple of days of exploration. Neither of them appears on the 'online contestants' list during or after the rescue). Great, I thought, I'll pick up the close one (Contestant A), bring them up and out of Level 3, go back for the next one (Contestant B).

I perform a rescue of Contestant A. Pretty straightforward - fight a couple of FoeBots, make my way out. They're in AceHigh now. I go back down for Contestant B, but when I get to the square, I see both Contestant B and Contestant A's bodies! At first it doesn't want to let me pick them both up - I pick up Contestant B no problem, the link to pick up Contestant A disappeared - but after I view my inventory the link to pick up Contestant A is back and I pick them up too. Viewing my inventory confirms that both Contestant A and B display as in my backpack.

I make my way back to AceHigh without further incident. My guess is that Contestant B rescued Contestant A, traveled a little, and then was killed, and that for some reason Contestant A's body was showing both where they originally died and where Contestant B died. But that's just a hypothesis, since no one was around to see any of it. And again, I'm really sorry I don't have a link.

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