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Petition ID 3101: Map is punching me right in the badnavs
Submitted Mon, 27 Jul 15 01:24:50 +0000

What: Whenever I try to access the world map from the travel menu I am sucked into an endless badnav that I cannot exit and this requires me to restart my computer to resolve, I'm not entirely sure what is causing it but I get locked onto the travel screen and I am unable to perform any actions and I never get to see the world map.
How: By clicking the world map link in the travel menu on my account. I've asked a couple people that said it hasn't happened to them but I imagine it's happened to somebody before.
Where: This is the current link I have access to since I cannot do anything to get the normal travel url.
When: Ever since I first got the map, at first I thought it may have just been a one time thing and I just started using a player made map from deviant art but it's been a year now and I still can't access the game map so I'm absolutely positive this isn't a temporary issue (it took me so long to report because I forgot about the issue and I haven't checked into the map in a long while)

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