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Petition ID 2874: 'Temporary' HP reduction? I think not!
Submitted Tue, 28 Apr 15 12:59:06 +0000

I'm not in Banter, so I'm not sure if others have expressed this problem, but I haven't seen it in the list so I'll just go ahead and put it up.

WHAT: 'Temporary' changes to HP (increases and decreases, though mostly the latter from what I've seen) are carrying through after DKs. I distinctly remember having about 82 HP at some point (because I messed up and added an Improb Point to HP), but now it's at an even 50 again. Now, we all know that too much HP is a bad thing, but I'm worried that it might get lower than 10 base HP, which if I remember correctly is very bad.

HOW: Just go into the Jungle, get a bunch of temporary changes to the character's HP, and DK. I don't know if this has been occurring across all races, but I know it's definitely happening to Squats. Maybe the Point in HP is causing it as well?

WHERE: Not sure how to answer this. In the... game? It's a fairly general thing.

WHEN: I am... honestly not sure. Daz has been a Squat since the name change, and a Midget before that, except for that one DK where I forgot the name was changed and got a Mutant r6 for my trouble. This hadn't been happening until after the name change, so perhaps something went awry when the race was recoded? I remember that there was a point at which the Squats were, for all intents and purposes as far as the game was concerned, Humans, so I'm assuming the race's code particulars had to be messed with for some reason.

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