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Petition ID 2703: Mouseovers and the new CSS
Submitted Wed, 11 Feb 15 16:43:01 +0000

It has always been hard to get the Physical Description perfect -- the preview displays your words and colours, sure, great, but not where the width of the mouseover box creates linebreaks.
But now suddenly, wow!
The last few characters of each line carry on over the edge of the box, dangling out on top of the lines of chat. Also, very long strings of spaceless text don't get linebreaks inserted but can stretch across half the screen.

I have no idea why this is so weird but suspect it is to do with the css change updating the text size.

Screenshots: I broke it a little I broke it a lot

Where/how you can see it: by messing around in the Customise Character screen.
When: I spotted it today, and it wasn't there last time I was messing around with my mouseover (probably a few weeks ago).

It would be lovely if when this gets fixed, the Customise Character screen also gets upgraded to give you a more helpful preview for the mouseover, showing it as it will appear in chat not just as if it was a Place description.

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