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Petition ID 2689: Disappearing Custom Items
Submitted Wed, 04 Feb 15 16:03:20 +0000

So Junebug and I discovered a bit of a bug in the item customization system. Using certain characters in custom item names can cause them to spontaneously disappear when interacting with older aspects of the game's code; in my case, it was placing the Shady Merchant's +1 upgrade onto an armor name that included quotation marks. When I attempted to fix this by resetting the whole thing and going back to stock armor, it still showed up blank. Switching back to a custom made it reappear, but when I opened up the customization window to re-test, it was blanked again. If I update while the bar is blank, it does not give me the warning that I'm reverting to stock items, and instead prompts the normal update screen for customs.

Here, have some screenshots: The broken rollover. The prompt for clearing a custom, given only after inputting text into the blank field, saving it, then deleting that. The "fixed" rollover. Disappears once the customization window is re-opened. Functional rollover and update window, after the quotes have been removed.

Interesting, but probably unrelated: Stock armor now lacks the +1. May require further testing.

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